Bye-Bye-Dry Hands & Cuticles

Hands are bathed in Rain-Bath and rinsed in Rose-Water; leaving hands extra-damp. Ms. Glen drenches and super-saturates your hands in specially blended oils, leaving hands & cuticles smiling and happy with joy. Treatment includes nail trimming, cuticle cleaning and grooming. Last but not least, Ms. Glen administers an invigorating massage topped off with a soothing hydrating paraffin treatment, ending with a natural nail-color only. Hands are in Hog-Heaven. Experience the difference…

*Important Disclosure*

Ms. Glen’s Manicure does not include fancy shaping, fancy polishing or art work. Natural colors on hands only – no acrylic. gels, french tips, etc. Ms. Glen does not cut cuticles, as cuticles should not be cut because they are a natural seal protecting the entire nail so yeast bacteria and fungi don’t enter and wreak havoc.


50 Minutes



Ms. Glen’s Deluxe Spa Pedicure Treatment

Quench your soles in a mineral foot bath, while Ms. Glen focuses on relieving your calluses, corns, dry feet and other minor foot problems. This pedicure also includes clipping and shaping nails, as well as cuticle grooming. Ms. Glen uses her special blended creamy oils and other professional products including a Silky Foot Peel. Enjoy a GREAT FOOT MASSAGE, topping it off with a soothing paraffin treatment and ending with your favorite choice of nail color. The experience leaves you wondering if you still have feet…

Ms. Glen does not treat in-grown toe-nails. She recommends a Podiatrist for in-growns.

60 Minutes


Ms. Glen’s Ultimate Spa Pedicure Treatment


This special pedicure is a therapeutic treatment for overall health and well-being. It concentrates on feet that are in need of serious (TLC) tender-loving-care. Ms. Glen uses her special blended creamy oils and other professional products to address the most common foot problems: thick toe-nails, dryness, cracking, peeling, calluses, poor circulation and tired feet. Enjoy a relaxing foot bath with Tea Tree Oil. Relax and enjoy a firm massage with Ms. Glen’s special touch and technique, finishing with a paraffin bath and your favorite nail color. Meanwhile, you are totally relaxed, feeling heavenly and ready to walk on clouds…


75 Minutes


Please Note: Ms. Glen does not remove Gel or Acrylic Nails.