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Retired Pro-Basketball Player & Sports Commentator—”Ms. Glen you are THE BOMB! My knee is no longer in pain”…He was smiling & walking on clouds.

Shaquille O’Neal

Retired Pro-Basketball Player & Sports Commentator—”I was totally relaxed, and truly enjoyed Ms. Glen’s services.”

John Salley

Pro-Basketball Player—Boston Celtics—Was in awe about his pedicure…He could not believe the results!

Paul Peirce

Retired Pro-Basketball Player—Said, “Ms. Glen, no one does my mani & pedi like you…I am in Hog-Heaven.”

Olden Polynice

Wow!! What an experience! I am a person with rock-bottom feet. Most of my life I was ashamed of my feet. Now, life has it’s way of changing things…One of those changes for me: Was Ms. Glen.”

Gregory W.—Los Angeles—”

Retired Gynecologist—Marina Del Rey, CA—Always says after his pedicure: “Well, Glen, I’m ready to walk on clouds.”

Dr. Fred Parrot

Retired Pro-Basketball Player & Sports Commentator—Los Angeles—Lisa was totally blown away with her pedicure, to the tune of having me do her MOM, Team-Mate-Tomika and her Aunt & Uncle.

Lisa Leslie

Trenell Smith—Registered Nurse—Gardena, CA—”You have not had a pedicure until Ms. Glen has done therapeutic foot-care on your feet. I love Ms. Glen’s Deluxe Spa Pedicure and have been a customer for more than 10-years. Her services are by far the BEST! Now call and make yourself an appointment today.”

Trenell Smith

The Late Lorenza Wright—Pro-Basketball-Player—While playing for the LA Clippers, after his Ultimate Pedicure with Ms. Glen, He was flying up & down the court as if he didn’t have feet, lovin’ it and had his high-point game for his career: 29-points.

The Late Lorenza Wright

Dr. Sharon Wormley Carter—Culver City, CA— Pediatrician…She reminds you of the Pointer Sister’s song: “I’m So Excited!” every month for 11 years, when it’s time for her appointment. She never misses…Loves her pedicure.

Dr. Sharon Wormley Carter

Corey Blunt—Retired Pro-Basketball Player—While playing for the LA Lakers in 1998, after Ms. Glen’s Ultimate Spa Pedicure, Corey’s feet felt light as feathers, resulting in Corey having his high-point game for his career…26-points.

Corey Blunt

Kelli Young—Baldwin Vista, CA—Entrepreneur—After finishing Kelli’s Ultimate Spa Pedicure, with her gorgeous smile, Kelli would always say, “Thank-God for Jesus!”

Kelli Young

Nina—”Ms. Glen thank-you for the wonderful pedicure! Your services were both refreshing and relaxing…My feet were pampered, and after the special attention you provided, beautiful…I look forward to my next treatment.”


Retired Pro-Football Player & Sports Commentator—Truly enjoyed his services in the privacy of his home.

Keyshawn Johnson

Playa Vista, CA—Professional Tax-Preparer & Par-rel Legal—”Finally! I thought it was impossible to find someone that I would be pleased with to give me a pedicure. I didn’t know this type of pedicure existed. It was far beyond my expectations. It was excellent! Environment is clean, sanitized and relaxing. Natural and superb products were used. Walked in with sore dry feet and left with new feet! Thank-you Ms. Glen.”

Dorothy James

Karen A—Los Angeles—”I had the pleasure of experiencing Ms. Glen’s very personal and relaxing pedicure treatment! This is a very private, single patron service. Her special products and hands-on care are top notch! I highly recommend this to anyone that prefers a very special private, natural manicure & pedicure service. It is 2 to 3 minutes from LAX and great for travelers wishing to take a few private moments for themselves before hopping on that next plane. I am certainly going to visit Ms. Glen again.”

Karen A

Linda—Los Angeles—-”Thank-you for being the same person that is advertised. My manicure and pedicure was just what I wanted. I’ll see you soon!”

Linda Los Angeles

Andrea P. – Los Angeles, CA – Ahhhh, so relaxing!
I went in for a pedicure and Ms. Glen is amazing She was super nice and made me feel right at home. The massage was extremely therapeutic and my heels feel spectacular. I’m now using the oil on my hands and feet after the shower and I love it.
I can’t wait to go back for a manicure!

Andrea P.

Greg W. – Santa Rosa, CA – All my life I thought feet were supposed to be like crusty and kinda dirty and I didn’t think I would ever feel anything in my heels again. then I met this angel miss glen and I am thanking God for Jesus right now because this amazing woman is doing more than giving me the treatment of a lifetime for my feet but her wisdom is exceeded only by her care and attention for your feet.
I don’t even want to call this a pedicure because that you can get at any nail salon. it’s a foot treatment. something you can only get here. so please take the time out of your day and schedule something ASAP. I got the ultimate treatment and it was awesome. you might think 95 bucks is expensive but when you’re paying that price to get NEW FEET it’s not that much. like actually without a birthmark or something you won’t recognize your feet again. her pedicure treatment as well as her advice on keeping my feet healthy is invaluable.

Greg W

Natalie, M. – Charlote, NC – OK, so I have been meaning to write a review for a year and I am finally getting to it. Ms. Glen is not just some quick fix. This is more of a once every 3 months kind of deal. My heels are difficult to maintain. They get very dry and callused. Miss Glen sat there and just kept working on them until they were as smooth as a baby’s bottom! She is a little more pricey and her services are more about quality not quantity.

Natalie, M.

Lord M. – Los Angeles – “I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Glen yesterday for a pedicure and exfoliation treatment. My wife has been on a mission to have my feet worked on and with the exception of our wedding day, I had yet to fulfill her wishes. With our 2nd Anniversary looming ahead, I agreed to have my feet worked on, especially after reading the reviews of Ms. Glen and her services!
For a guy, I think the most appealing aspect of the experience is the fact that Ms. Glen does her magic out of an office in a medical business office, not in the midst of a busy nail/beauty salon. My feet are bad enough, but I could certainly do without the judging whispers and chuckles that I hear can go on in nail salons.
Ms. Glen offers an incredibly thorough pedicure and exfoliation! My feet were in pretty bad shape, I mean like Hobbit feet bad shape! She did her magic and brought the pink back to the soles of my feet! All the while talking about various subjects from real estate to cooking tips! A very fun and worthwhile experience. I definitely can see my self making arrangements to get a quarterly pedicure just to keep up the health of my feet (and to keep the wifey happy).
So if you’re a gent with looking for a nice enjoyable, non-judgmental pedicure, check out Ms. Glen! You won’t be disappointed!”

Lord M.

Ariel M. – HU – First of all, Ms. Glen is FANTASTIC! She’s so fantastic that I recommend you stop reading this review, pause, make your appointment with her and come back to the review, she’s that great!
Second of all, this woman is better than Tom Tom or the GPS on your phone because she gave me perfect directions to the building, parking and suite.
Ms. Glen greeted me with a warm smile, offered me some sweet orange and honey tea, cashews, and water (not to mention some sweet treats)…
Then we got started. Hot water to soften up my toesies and get them ready for a relaxing hour-and-a-half-long ride then the magic began! By the way, peruse her website because it lists the various pedicures she offers. Ms. Glen doesn’t treat you with a one-size-fits-all type of pedicure, each one is customized to meet the individual needs of your feet. So I think we will all have small variances in what we get but overall, it is very therapeutic.
We had great conversation and I must say that Ms. Glen is VERY sweet. She takes great pride in her work as well as in the products she uses. Yes, it’s true there are no fancy nail designs here but who needs them because when you FEEL sexy you LOOK sexy right?! Throughout the process I was feeling better and better and by the end I felt like a Dr. Scholl’s foot model!
This woman works hard at scrubbing, using a pumice stone, hand-made oils and creams, to make your feet feel like new. Ms. Glen truly heals your heels!!! The paraffin wax felt incredible and smelled great too.
I almost felt guilty walking on my feet because they felt so fresh and brand new after Ms. Glen was finished.
I ended up with a classic color ready for the autumn and my feet feel soft even after my shower at home this evening! She sent me home with a bottle of her famous, “Ms. Glen’s Therapeutic Hand & Foot Oil”.
I HIGHLY recommend Ms. Glen, especially for those with medical conditions who would truly benefit from the one-on-one care she provides. It’s nice to be the only person because you truly are the center of attention (this is a Virgo’s perspective).

Ariel M.


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